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Southwest Nordic Booster Club

Updated for the 2014-15 Season

The Nordic Booster Club is committed to giving the Southwest Ski Team the support and resources it needs help our skiers grow and excel, both on and off the snow.  A big part of the Club’s role is financial - the Booster Club provides the salaries for most of the coaches that work with our skiers season long and funds other necessary expenses.  But as important, the Booster Club supports our skiers by helping them compete, cheering them on and building our ski community.  The Booster Club helps with the wax room, organizes out-of-town training trips, provides race food and support, organizes pasta parties and does the myriad of other things needed to help our skiers reach their potential and have a great season.

We’re proud of the Southwest Ski Team, but its strong programming comes at a cost.  The Booster Club needs to raise approximately $300 per a skier to supplement the School Districts funding.  We raise this through a participation fee for each skier, team fundraising and your voluntary donations:  

1. Participation Fee ($100 for first-year skiers; $150 for returning skiers.)

2. Donation:  Any amount will help; remember that the total cost per skier is $300. Please mail the registration form (link on the right column of this page), participation fee and voluntary donation to:  Tom MacLeod, Treasurer, Southwest H.S. Nordic Booster Club,4118 Linden Hills Boulevard, Minneapolis, MN  55410.  Make your check payable to the ‘Southwest H.S. Nordic Booster Club.”  Please contact Tom MacLeod at 612/868-1375 to request a waiver of the participation fee based on financial need.

3. Team Fundraising - Fundraising accounts for over 40% of our Club’s budget; we need you to make it a success!  Please consider helping on the following events.

a. Newsletter Delivery
b. Shredding Fundraiser  
c. Carwash Fundraiser  
d. Raffle Fundraiser
e. Develop new fundraising events or ideas
f. Your fundraising and donations helps us keep our participation fee low and accessible to all skiers and all funds go to developing our skiers.

Your fundraising and donations helps keep our participation fee low and accessible to all skiers, and all funds raised benefit our kids.  Thank you in advance for your generosity!

But the Booster Club needs more than your financial support.  The Booster Club also needs your participation in all the ways we support our skiers throughout the season.  Without parent volunteers, none of the things our skiers need, from race rolls, to warm-ups to was room support, would get done!  Please help your skier and the Ski Team by finding one or more ways you can contribute and help build our ski community.  

1. Improving team communication

a. Website Maintenance  
b. Roster and Team Snap Maintenance  

2. Planning our skiers’ trips

a. Trip Scheduler  
b. Organizing Training Trip Food  
c. Assisting with Bookkeeping  
d. Serving as Trip Point Person 

3. Feeding our skiers

a. Costco buyer  
b. Work with Great Harvest Bread  (tentative)
c. Organize Our Pasta Parties    
d. Year-end Banquet  

4. Support our skiers

a. Wax room  
b. Team Warm-Up Sales Coordinator  
c. Race Timer  

5. Improve the Booster Club

a. Volunteer for 2014-2015 Club Leadership Organized to provide support for the Southwest Cross Country Ski Team, the Booster Club seeks parent involvement in two ways. First, and most importantly, enthusiastic support for the skier. It's not easy to be a student athlete. They need all the encouragement and cheering we can muster. Second, we need your financial support.


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