Every year Southwest High School works in correlation with a non-profit organization that brings love, support, and community to the people that they work with. BLAST stands for Being Loving And Sharing Together, and this year we've chosen to work with the Children's Hospital and their Ronald McDonald House. This organization truley encompasses every aspect of what BLAST days are. Children's cares for over 12,000 inpatients, and around 200,000 emergency room and other various outpatient visits. They have been a leader in advancing the health of children, and innovating and delivering family-centered care.

They're ablitiy to offer high-quality family-centered care is aided by the Ronald McDonald House which they have located close by the hospital. They provide the families with love and support along with basic necessities and meals. The Ronald McDonald House works with the families to make sure that during the rough times they are taken care of.

This year our BLAST day fundraising will be a little different than it has been in the past. Normally each class would fundraise individually and the class that raises the most money in the end would win a prize. We decided that we could make it better, and to truley embody community we created teams. Teams are made up of students from every grade, and consist of varying class subjects. Every student is a member of a team. Each team is determinded by that student's 6th hour. Every 6th hour is a part of a larger team that consists of about 7 classes. Your child should know which team they belong to.

The teams are: Alligator, Flamingo, Giraffe, Koala, Leopard, Penguin, and Platypus.

These are important for online donations. If you and/or your family and friends would like to donate to your child's team there will be a box at the end of the donation page where you can specify which team the donation will go towards. If you'd like to donate without specification it will go toward our fundraiser as a whole. The team with the most sucessfull fundraising efforts will win the competition. Below is the link to the online donations site, please feel free to share this link.

If you would like to donate online please follow the link:

Fundraising is a large component of BLAST days, but it is not the only important aspect. The second half to BLAST day is education. We want everyone in our community and in communities elsewhere to helps us support our organization. Through our efforts and our knowledge we can spread the wealth of our voices, and work to relieve some of the stress that many of the families with children that are in need of intensive care feel. It's our job to embrace our power and use it to brighten the future of the children.