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Beginning Dance Syllabus


Beginning Dance (grades 9-12/Semester Course

/PE 2 Credit)

Aux. Gym/Dance Studio

Colleen Callahan



Course Description   This course is open to any 9-12th grade student and has a concentration on movement fundamentals through the dance elements of time, space and energy. The intent is to give students an awareness and reverence for the physical body and its athletic and expressive capabilities.  Students experience these elements through a variety of genres(modern dance, swing dance, hip hop, ballet, african and others).  Introductory elements of dance choreography and performance are also included.


Weekly Schedule(subject to change)

August 27-August 31:  Introduction to the Course, Community Building 

Sept 4-7:  Ballet 

Sept. 10-14: Ballet 

Sept. 17-21: Modern Dance

Sept 24-28: Modern Dance

Oct. 1-5:  African Dance

Oct. 8-12: African

Oct. 15-19: Swing

Oct. 22-26:  Swing

Oct. 29-Nov.2: Swing

Nov. 5-9: Tap

Nov. 12-16: Tap

Nov. 19-23: Hip Hop

Nov. 26-Nov. 30: Hip Hop

Dec. 3-7: Latin Dance

Dec. 10-14: Latin Dance

Dec. 17-21: Self Defense

Dec 24-Jan. 2: Winter Break

Jan 7-11: Prepare Dance Final

Jan 14-Jan 17: Final Week and Assessment



Dance Field Trip

November 16th

Zenon Dance Company 10:30 a.m.

Cowles Dance Center(Downtown Mpls.)



Participation/Classwork  25%

Written Unit Quizzes/Tests  25%

Movement Tests  25%

Choreography Projects  25%


Daily Points

You earn 5 points a day for class participation:  2 pts for active and engaged participation(this means working hard, positive attitude, not sitting down between combinations and working respectfully with others),

2 pts. proper attire(see below) and 1 pt for being on time.  


Proper Attire

Dance clothes are different than your street clothes no matter how comfortable or loose you may consider the clothes you wear to school.  Dance clothes are clothes that you can roll around on the floor in, sweat in and are recognized as such by the teacher. They may take the form of weat pants, leggings, biker shorts and t-shirts.  Modesty is essential.  The teacher will let you know if your clothes are inappropriate for a dance work setting.  You must be prepared to dress ALL days of the week except Fridays.  


Code of Conduct

 In order to create an atmosphere of trust, risk and success, students must agree to and demonstrate the ability to hold sacred the work of others.  This will be demonstrated by respectful behavior with peers.    In addition all students are expected to adhere to the SW HS and Mpls. District  Citywide Discipline Policy.


Make Up Work

Dance is a physical art form that requires your physical presence to see progress.  If for some legitimate reason you are absent, you will be able to make up that absence by doing a make up report(see information sheet in  “Make Up” drawer in dance studio).

It is your responsibility to return that make up work within one week of your absence. Unless their is an emergency that the teacher is aware of and approves, no more than 4 unexcused absences will allowed to be made up.