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Prep For Final

Use the following essay questions to prepare for our in class final for non IB testers.

Make outlines for the following past IB essay questions to prep for the in class final on May 9th.

•Examine the factors that led to the outbreak of the Boxer Rebellion.
•“The Tonghak Rebellion made Japanese annexation of Korea an inevitabilty.” To what extent do you agree with this statement.
•“The Opium Wars were caused by China’s attitudes toward the outside word.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?
•Eaxmine the reasons for the challenges and discontent faced by the Tokugawa Shogunate.
Throwing off Asia II

Read two sections from the web site Throwing Off Asia II

First read the essay by John Dower and take notes

Then the list of images in the section titled Visual Images, the tabs for the different images are on the left. View each, read about each then take notes

Reading Korea 1800-1860

Read and take notes on similarities and differences between Korea, and China, and Japan.

Fukuzawa Response questions

Due March 7th.

Read and answer each question in realtion to the book: The Auto Biography of Fukuzawa Yukichi.

Seminar Prep Sakoku

We will have a seminar on a reading by M Jensen "The Question of the Closed Country." To be in Seminar you must complete the prep work and show that work (Ticket) to get into the seminar:

1. Read the article. Circle and look up definitions of  unkown terms.

2. Decide thesis/opinion of the Author. Write down the thesis as you understand it. (Hint it will be complex)

3. List the supporting points and evidence the author gives.

4. For each supporting point describe/explain how it supports the thesis.

Article - War of the Poppies

Margin notes, due December 15

Travel Tokaido Road

Use the PBS Website to experience travel along the Tokaido Road during the Tokugawa period.

Video: Return of the Barbarians

Watch and take notes on the third episode of "Japan Memiors of a Secrete Empire" here. Or search the title on youtube.

Tokugawa Vocab Quiz on these terms Thursday Jan 19