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Textbook Notes; Chapter 18 pgs 431-444.

Take notes on pages 431-444 from our textbook. Due Monday March 19th.

Throwing off Asia II

Read two sections from the web site Throwing Off Asia II

First read the essay by John Dower and take notes

Then the list of images in the section titled Visual Images, the tabs for the different images are on the left. View each, read about each then take notes

Russo-Japanese War


How did Japan beat the Russians?

Using the web site, Throwing off Asia III here, find an answer to the above question. Look through out the site, read the essay, examine the images, read the narratives and compose an answer.

Be sure to include Ideology, modernization/westernzation, economic and polictical considerations, as well as any other topics that present themselves on the web site.

Turn in your answer at the end of the hour, Wed Feb 7th.