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Artist Response

    The goal I had in mind when I wrote my poems was to make
people think. I wanted to tell a sad story that could reach people in a
way that many other stories could not. I wanted people to read them
then really think about them. The topic of these poems is one of the
most shameful acts in human history and is not to be taken lightly. I
wished to portray the seriousness of it. I also wished to emphasize the
fact that the people who did this had no remorse, and no sense of
consequence for their actions. Their leader, Hitler made them believe
that they were superior to all other people and that there was no shame
in killing someone of Jewish decent. I wished to show some of the
inhuman things these people were capable of simply because they were
convinced that they were in the right. It is my belief that all people are
capable of these things. All people are capable of such a spiritual
sickness deep inside. People are capable of terrible things, but most
people are above their baser instincts that tell them to hurt another
because they believe they are better than them.
Like I said before, the purpose of these poems was to get people
thinking. I hope it worked for you.                   Jesse Borden