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Andy Freeman
 Artist's   Statement
The Trapped Heart

I decided to do an illustration of the Holocaust on clip art because I am not a great artist. I decided upon a heart wrapped in barbed wire in the center of the Star of David because during the Holocaust Heimlich Himler and his final solution trapped the Jewish people. They were bound to the "Star" and trapped by the wire. In the ghettos, the concentration camps, and the death camps, the heart was rendered almost useless. It could not save the Jews from the horrible fate of, death. Genocide traps all hearts.

I Have

I have been through hell and back.
I have seen the flames through the cracks.
I have walked through the valley of death.
I have heard men take their last breath.

I have lost the joy in this world.
I have let my hope unfurl
I have gone through pain that could not be fought.
I have lived through something  that can't be forgot.

By Andy Freeman

I awake from my slumber.
I see men with fright.
The cattle car is dark,
It must be night.

I have lost my family.
I have lost my friends.
The only thought in my head,
Is where to get a piece of bread?

I work all day with my barrack,
Hoping to get food.
But there is none and everyone says,
"We are through."

"Selection", someone whispers.
I fear it may be time.
It is time to join my family and friends.
It is time to die.

But there are Russian soldiers,
No SS men at all.
They tell us, "You can go home now".
I feel like a rag doll.

Night Poem
Artistic Response

 I decided to write this poem in dedication of the book, "Night", by
Elie Wiesel. I loved the book and decided to write a poem about the
last chapter of the book. I chose to touch on the last chapter of the
book because the image of a corpse looking back from a mirror has
never left my mind. I think this is one of the greatest memoirs
written on the Holocaust.