Alumni Contacts

Now Official- Turn on the Lights

Send in your donation to Southwest High School Foundation and in the memo line write Turn on the lights.   Through the gift of a very generous donor -- ALL funds donated to the stadium lights will be matched dollar for dollar up to $300,000. Donate now and double your gift!

We will post your contact information here if you are trying are acting as a class contact.


Class of 2000

10 year class reunion to be held on January 1, 2011 7-12am at the Titanic Lounge at Kieran's Irish Pub in DT Minneapolis. Your class contact is Charles Eddleston at!/group.php?gid=117240521635382


Class of 1999

Your class contact is Breanne 'Dalnes' Rothstein Breanne Rothstein . Pictures from the 10 year reunion at Nye's Polonaise, November 28, 2009 are posted on your FB page.


Class of 1990

Your class contact is Jodi Wishart at or 612-859-9737


Class of 1989

Your key contact is Kirsten Mair - find her on Facebook!/group.php?gid=67696101136


Class of 1987

Your key contact is Paul Bohn -find him on Facebook!


Class of 1986

Mark your calendar & plan to be in town! More info to follow... Maury Glover is your primary class contact:!/group.php?gid=154472374565663&v=wall


Class of 1985

Your reunion and class information contact is Karla (Hermodsen) Rose at 612-840-2550 or


Class of 1984

Your renion and class information contact is Mike Roach at
Southwest 84 Class Reunion Date and Location
Saturday, September 20, 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm , Brave New Workshop Party Room, 824 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis


Class of 1983

Your primary class contact is Paul Hartzell!/group.php?gid=32791163894


Class of 1981

Further contact via Facebook or!/group.php?gid=151869501504143


Class of 1980

Your main contact is Paul Barber at!/group.php?gid=108269875896&v=wall



Class of 1979

Your class has a complete website with classmate information and discussion boards. Your primary class contact is Victoria Handler 612-604-6659 or via email at


Class of 1978


Class of 1976

Your class contact is Nancy LeMay at!/group.php?gid=4177051882


Class of 1975

Your class contact is Pam (Kingsley) Haugen at


Class of 1973

The class of 1973 reunion and class email:


Class of 1972
Your primary class contact for reunions is Mary Hirsch at!/group.php?gid=97003322685


Class of 1970
Your reunion and class contacts are:
Carol Lund 952-936-9296 or
Diane Peterson Stucki 763-588-3474 or!/group.php?gid=56342723556


Class of 1969
The class of 1969 has a complete website with photos, links and classmate updates - please follow the link. Your class contact is Ann Coppage Thomas at 952-925-2916 or email at


Class of 1967
Your class contact is Bob Fine at or 952-922-6992!/group.php?gid=4177051882


Class of 1966
Your primary class contact is John Stirratt at!/group.php?gid=66611467966&v=wall


Class of 1965
Your class contact is Rose Scheidler/Schiltz at or
Dates are July 24-26, 2015


Class of 1964
Your class contact is James Boyer at, or 612-922-0414 or 612-423-9076!/group.php?gid=4177051882


Class of 1959
Your class contact is Dorothy Dietz Hoem at 651-486-7470 or!/group.php?gid=4177051882


Class of 1958
Your class contacts are Gary and Margie Anderson Nash at 952-906-7616 or!/group.php?gid=4177051882


Class of 1955
Sherm Stanchfield is your class treasurer. 7927 Victoria Curve, St. Louis Park MN 55426!/group.php?gid=4177051882


Class of 1949
Class of 49 Jim Hancock 612-719-2247 - August 2, 2014 - Edina Country Club Class Reunion - 11-2pm


Class of 1948
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