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Dance Company Two/Adv. IB Dance

Dance Company/Adv. IB Dance

This class is for students with more experience in dance that want to work on their movement technique and develop their own artistic voice. This class gives students the opportunity to work with guest choreographers(both local and national) and perform in a range of dance work.  Modern dance is the basis for this class though other genres are included. Dance Composition and Improvisation as well as numerous performing opportunities make up the bulk of this course. The focus on Creating and Performing is strong and discipline and leadership are developed. The course can be taken for IB Standard or Higher level credit in the Arts.
*Fulfills Arts StandardCreate, Perform and Respond
(See IB Dance Guidelines on bottom of page)

Areas of Inquiry
•Creating Dance
•Performing Dance
•Dance Investigation/Inquiry
•Dance As Culture

Course Goals/Learning Objectives:

•Students will demonstrate increased confidence and ability to create personal movement statements/studies reflective of personal values or meaning.
•Students will know, apply and reflect on principles of choreographic structures and choreographic tools.
•Students will  demonstrate knowledge of the “Elements of Dance” as they apply them to their performance in class, on stage and in the language of their written work.
•Students will increase their observational skills as they use artistic protocols during discussions and written assignments as they analyze dance work.
•Students will exhibit increased levels of tolerance of, and appreciation for, previously unencountered manifestations of dance in their own as well as other cultures.
•Understand and use improvisation as a tool for choreography
•Students will value a variety of movement approaches to increase body integration


In class work and outside assignments are weighted as follows:


Choreography Duet Assignment(Meaning and Choreographic Tools/Structures)(20%)

Dance Elements Project (15%)
Journal Entries(5%)
Performance in Classwork and Concerts(25%)
Class Readings

Quizzes/Writing Assignments(10%)
“Dance as Culture” Paper(10%)





Dance Plagiarism

Copying someone else’s work is stealing.  That means all writing for this class if not your own, bus be referenced as such.  Site your sources.  In addition, taking fully developed or recognizable setions of choreography from video/DVD, television or other teachres/choreographers is also stealing.  I am not referring to the inadvertend use of movement paterns that happens without our conscious awareness.  However, consciously passing somthing off as your own is bad practice and often illegal.




Technology Use

Students must be able to access Dance Web Page on Ms. Callahan’s Website for

some assignments.

Also, phones must be silenced in class.  There may be times you are asked to use them for curricular reasons, but your teacher will alert you to this.


Make Up Work
Dance is a physical art form that requires your physical presence to see progress.  If for some legitimate reason you are absent, you will be able to make up that absence by doing a make up report(see information

New York Bound/this year too!
sheet in  “Make Up” drawer in dance studio).
It is your responsibility to return that make up work within one week of your absence. Unless their is an emergency that the teacher is aware of and approves, no more than 4 unexcused absences will allowed to be made up.


Code of Conduct

 In order to create an atmosphere of trust, risk and success, students must agree to and demonstrate the ability to hold sacred the work of others.  This will be demonstrated by respectful behavior with peers.    In addition all studens are expected to adhere to the SW HS and Mpls. District  Citywide Discipline Policy.

Daily Points
You earn 5 points a day for class participation:  2 pts for active and engaged participation(this means working hard, positive attitude, not sitting down between combinations and working respectfully with others),
2 pts. proper attire(see below) and 1 pt for being on time(15% of your grade). 

You will need:
1.  Proper Attire means any of the following:  sweat pants or biker shorts,
t-shirts, leotards or tights.  Everyone must be able to have BARE FEET.
2.  A journal/notebook that will be checked/graded every two weeks.

3.  A lock for gym locker to store your clothes.

Proper Attire/Dance Clothes

Dance clothes are different than your sreet clothes no matter how comfortable or loose you may consider your street clothes to be.  these are clothes thay you can roll around on the floor in, sweat in and are recognized a such by the teacher.  They may take the form of sweat pants, gaucho pants, leggins(not jeggings!), biker shorts and t-shirts(that are not too bulky so alignment can be seen).  Modesty is essential.  Teacher will approach you if your clothes are inappropriate for a dance work setting.  You must be prepared to dress ALL days of the week.  If curriculum suggest a non-dress day, teacher will notify you.

Southwest Dancers in their annual performance at the Lake Harriet Bandshell.
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