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Welcome to AP Government and Politics
One Pager

 A one-pager is a single-page response to an assigned reading. It provides an opportunity to be both brief and creative in illustrating your grasp of a particular reading. The purpose of a one-pager is to allow you to learn by creating your own images, patterns, and questions relating to a reading, chapter, or primary source documents. Studies have shown that people read differently when they know they must do something with the reading. A one-pager connects the verbal and the visual. It connects the writing’s thought to your thoughts. It connects words and images.

Hooper House of Representatives

You are going to participate in a congressional legislative simulation. It is my greatest hope and desire that you will be more effective than our actual members of Congress.

Unit Planners

Unit planners provide key terms and concepts, due dates and pages for notes, and the dates of quizzes and exams. Quarterly projects are included, along with a due date, in the unit they correspond to. This section also contains readings that in place of the textbook. Notes are required to be completed from these  readings accrording to the dates on the unit planner


This link provides powerpoints from the current unit.  Powerpoints or portions of powerpoints may be used in class, but not always. Powerpoints are supplemental to taking notes from the text. Some students find it helpful to use the powerpoints to add to their notes.

Writing the FRQs

In this section you will find a general guide to writing the FRQs and a grid that has the specific scoring criteria for each of the four FRQs.

Seminar Readings

Seminars occur on a frequent basis in AP Government. This link provides the current, upcoming seminar readings and instructions for preparing for seminar.

Study Tools and Exam Review

In this link you will find resources for studying throughout the course and to review for the exam.

Course Description and Syllabus

This link provides the AP course description, current year syllabus and course outline.