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Welcome to AP Government and Politics
Personal Political Profile

The Personal Political Profile in one of your quarterly projects. It puts you in the position of both subject and political scientist as you analyze yourself as a political scientist would. You will learn more about yourself as a political person.

How to Lie with Statistics

Do statistics lie? How can statistics and polling data be manipulated to support many different sides of an issue? Using a single set of polling data, this in class activity makes us think more carefully about statistics and polling data.

Unit Planners

Unit planner provide key terms and concepts, due dates and pages for notes, and the dates of quizzes and exams. Quarterly projects are included, along with a due date, in the unit they correspond to.


This link provides powerpoints from the current unit.  Powerpoints or portions of powerpoints may be used in class, but not always. Powerpoints are supplemental to taking notes from the text. Some students find it helpful to use the powerpoints to add to their notes.

Seminar Readings

Seminars occur in AP Government 3-4 times monthly. This link provides the current, upcoming seminar readings and instructions for preparing for seminar.

AP Government Links

The links in this section are mainly connected to class activities over the course of the year. You will be directed to specific links as necessary.

Study Tools and Exam Review

In this link you will find resources for studying throughout the course and to review for the exam.

Course Description and Syllabus

This link provides the AP course description and the current year's syllabus.