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2016-17 Scheduling Information

(The deadline for schedule change requests for Semester 2 is Friday, February 3 after school.)

Schedule Information for Semester 2 is available here ------->>>


A Schedule Change may be requested if:  (the action a student should take follows the schedule situation)

1.       Student is missing a class in their schedule. Student must report to the counseling office during that missing period only.

2.       Student has 2 classes during the same period. Student must report to the counseling office during the period in which the student has 2 classes.

3.       Student was not scheduled for a CORE class. Student must submit a Schedule Change Request Form.

4.       Student is schedule in wrong course level. Student must submit a Schedule Change Request Form.

5.       Student has successfully completed the course. Student should submit a Schedule Change Request Form.

6.       Student is scheduled for an elective choice they did not choose during initial course selection process. Student may submit a Schedule Change Request Form.


·         Schedule change requests that create an imbalance in class size or generate larger class sizes cannot be facilitated.


·         Level change requests will only be considered with signatures from the Teacher, Parent, IB Coordinator, and AVID Coordinator if     warranted.  Requests that impact the IB Diploma status of any student must have all signatures.


·         Courses requests submitted after the deadline will not be reviewed. 


·          Students are responsible for checking the Student Portal for any schedule changes that may be made by the counselors. Students must continue to check their Student Portal schedule for updates or no changes. Students must follow the current schedule visible in Student Portal- whether or not the change they've requested has been made or not. 


Please Note:

  • A schedule change request may change the placement of other courses within your schedule (i.e. your classes may change periods).
  • If the change you request is made in your schedule, the change will be FINAL
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